Visiting Tamarindo and San Jose in Costa Rica, Central America.

Over the last fifteen years, Costa Rica's reputation as a travel destination has grown in leaps and bounds. Some very good places to visit include San Jose and Tamarindo. Costa Rica wich is located in Central America, is a country which has a lot to offer. A unique country because the coastal areas present some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, while if you travel a few hours inland you will find pristine rivers for white knuckle rafting, towering mountains along with volcanoes and a rain forest which is par excellence.

Costa Rica. A complete hot bed of ecosystems. The people of the country, Ticos, are exceedingly friendly people and you will find more than a few ex-pats living throughout the country. With no military, Costa Rica has decided to invest heavily in education and now has the highest literacy rate in the Americas. Yes, the rate is higher than the United States.

San Jose is only the really big city in Costa Rica. This is located in the centre of the country with the city having taken a beating over the decades from the occasional earthquake. You really will understand when you visit. The city is surrounded by vast mountain ranges populated with a number of volcanoes. Every so often, this combination of geography leads a good many tremors. For a city that is in Central America, San Jose really is surprisingly organized and lively. You can spend an evening just walking about or enjoying the cafes. Crime isn’t much of a problem here. This is where most of the international flights land. In traversing the country, you can always expect to pass through San Jose a few times.

Tamarindo. Not a long time ago, Tamarindo was a quiet little beach community set on the western coast of Costa Rica. Over the last 15 years or so, the town has become quite a hot spot for ex-pats with accompanying development not far behind it. Although some of the luster has gone, Tamarindo is still well worth a visit if for no other reason than to compare it to the rest of Costa Rica. Tamarindo is as good a place as any to experience the Costa Rica beaches if you are in need a little civilization. The beaches are tranquil and clean, but lined with hotels, cafes and restaurants. The water is warm and good surfing can be has in certain locations. To the north, one may occasionally see rare sea turtles laying their eggs on the beaches late at night. Unfortunately, turtle watching has now become such a rage that you will be standing with a lot of interested people. There is definitely a voyeuristic feel to this and one cannot help but feel sorry for the turtles. If you have never been to Tamarindo, you will love it.

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