Breaks To The Beautiful Island Of Cyprus.

The beautiful island of Cyprus lies amidst the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus basks in up to 300 days of sunshine every year making it an island for all seasons. Every year Aphrodite’s island attracts holiday makers and expatriates in their droves, where they come in search of the stunning scenery, excellent weather, an incredible history, the welcoming people and the idyllic Cypriot lifestyle. If you are looking for your next holiday hotspot or an ideal place to live in the sun here are the top five reasons to consider Cyprus.

Perfect Climate.
Cyprus has the perfect climate. During the short autumn through to winter months the island's temperature never drops so low that the delicate fruit trees would fail to deliver their burgeoning crop and during the summer the temperature never soars so high that the beautiful bougainvillea and jasmine blossoms wilt. Because the weather in Cyprus has always been considered to be so healthy the island has long been favoured by all the family, it’s not too hot for those of us looking for an idyllic retirement destination and it’s certainly not too cold or wet for those looking to escape to the sun.

Cheap Air Fares.
With cheap airlines now serving all the airports across Cyprus, Greece and Turkey the island can be described as easily and cheaply accessible from mainland Europe and there are also some direct and many connecting flights to North America, the Middle East and Australasia, which makes it an easy destination to reach for all.

Steeped In History.
Cyprus has been inhabited for at least the last nine thousand years and as a result of this it is steeped in history, rich in culture and charm and boasting an abundance of interesting historical castles, sites, fortresses and ruins. There really is so much to do and see in Cyprus that many holiday makers return frequently and many decide to settle permanently on the amazing island of Cyprus.

Rich In Flora and Fauna.
Aphrodite’s island is rich in flora and fauna. Having many rare species of orchid as well as being home to rare birds of prey, flamingos owls and butterflies. In the spring and autumn there are walking tours which are very popular with those wanting to experience Cyprus up close and the Kyrenia and Troodos mountain ranges both have many footpaths to explore and views to experience.

Warm, Friendly and Hospitable.
The Cypriot lifestyle is warm, laid back, friendly and hospitable. The people of the island always enjoy a leisurely pace of life that we can only envy. Coming here on holiday or even to live in Cyprus people find that they quickly adapt to the long lunches and evenings spent out under the stars enjoying a the local dishes, some find Cypriot wine and the company of great friends.

As a destination idea for your next holiday or a country to consider moving to for those seeking a more laid back and idyllic lifestyle, Cyprus surely has it all.

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