Budapest What To See When Visiting Hungary. Landmarks, Attractions and Sights.

With Hungary’s recent accession to the European Union, this has made travel to and from the country simpler and even more attractive to travellers from all of the other countries of the European Union. At present, the tourism industry is booming in Hungary and especially within its’ capital, Budapest. Having established itself as a firm place on the list of must see city break locations, Budapest is attracting more and more tourists and now challenges Prague and Barcelona for the number one spot in city break destinations throughout the world. Looking outside of Budapest city itself, can reveal another side to Hungary as a great destination. A city rich in culture and history, Budapest is a city of cathedrals, museums, castles and Turkish baths. Although uniquely Hungarian and definately not short of attractions, Budapest is typical of your European city break destination. With Hungary being a nation with no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, it is not short on wider attractions either.

Pecs, just over two hundred kilometres from Budapest is a stunning early Christian necropolis which was founded by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. St Stephen, the first Hungarian king, founded an episcopate in Pecs in 1009, still evident are the architectural monuments of 150 years of Turkish rule, offering the visitor a very interesting mix of east and west. The Millenarian Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma, which is closer to Budapest, is a stunning, but as yet relatively undiscovered tourist treasure. The abbey, which was built on the Roman province of Pannonia dates back to the Hungary's formation as a nation itself. The abbey has been built and destroyed several times over the years in its history but the foundation of the monastery originally built by Czech and Italian monks, has most recently been refurbished in a unique baroque style and is truly impressive.

Travelling out side of Budapest will be relatively easy with a selection of organised tours being avaliable which visit many of Hungary’s attractions. The country’s rail network is relatively cheap and overall reliable. For the more adventurous among us or for the independent traveller, car rental is available from many of the major firms which offer car hire in either Budapest itself or at the various airports around the country. Hungary has now become a welcome addition to the European travel destination circuit for all of us and the merits of Budapest are obvious and definately abundant. The country itself is a fascinating destination of history, culture and contrasts, and it may well be worth exploring.

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