Best Luggage Scales Review Guide.

Luggage Scales No More Excess, Advanced Digital Suitcase Luggage Scales
Advanced digital luggage weighing scale by the leading luggage scale brand, No-More-Excess.
Luggage Scales are easy to use and weighs in kg, lbs.
Features a stunning large blue back-lit digital display for easy reading with batteries included. Very compact and has a lightweight design, weighing only 175g. This will not eat into your luggage weight allowance unlike bigger and bulkier luggage scales.
Weighs up to 40kg and is accurate to 50 grams. The automatic hold feature allows you to lift your luggage, set it down on the floor and then read the weight.
Supplied with a full 12 Months warranty in original No-More-Excess! retail box. Travel cases are available separately. Enables you to Pack-To-The-Max!

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